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Adamant is a webshop where users can sell and buy products. The demo is hosted on a free Heroku instance so it might take a minute for everything to load.


I started this project because I wanted to gain experience with API-driven applications with React for the front-end. Every piece of data is requested from a GraphQL API which I deployed to another Heroku instance. This data is then displayed in the UI.

I also wanted to try NextJS. NextJS allowed me to render some pieces of the application on the server before the page gets loaded in the browser. This prevents the page from being completely blank for a moment before the UI gets loaded if it were to be a client-side rendered application.

A confirmed order


Some of the technologies used to make this project:

  • ReactJS
  • NextJS
  • Apollo
  • GraphQL
  • NodeJS
  • Stripe
  • Styled Components

The cart


This project was originally a course project from Advanced React by Wes Bos.

I then adapted the project such that it was more my own project by adding features and changing the design.

The store homepage

The project is hosted for free, so it might take a minute to load all the products.

Other work

    • NextJS
    • TypeScript
    • React Query
    • React Testing Library

    Dev Quotes

    A NextJS Quotes application with a professional setup and a lot of testing

    See the project details
    • Gatsby
    • React
    • Styled Components
    • TypeScript

    Portfolio website

    A 100% custom Gatsby website built with modern technologies.

    See the project details
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