Email or social media are the easiest ways for me to contact me.

Do you want a new website?

I would love to help you. I specialize in creating effective, SEO optimized, and fast websites that drive business results.

See my business website for more information:


You can send me an email at I check my inbox a couple times during the week.

Social media

You can also find me on Twitter (@eddyvinckk) or LinkedIn.

Technical questions

Please refer to my blog. I am open to article suggestions, so feel free to message me about those. I prefer writing articles over answering individual questions, because the articles can be beneficial to more than one person.

If your question is more of a personal problem you can also message me but I can't guarantee I will help you for free.

Here are some tips if you have a technical question:

  • Keep it as short as you can.
  • Don't send screenshots of errors, but copy the text instead.
  • Post code on a Codepen or Codesandbox so I don't have to install it on my device.
  • Be nice!

Frequently asked questions

What keyboard do you use?

An ErgoDox EZ

What text editor do you use?

I use Visual Studio Code with the Dracula theme. I also use the Vim extension.